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Planning a ~1000 to 2000km gravel bike packing adventure

Please feel free to comment on this, any advice is a good advice!

This is the idea…

I have a two-week vacation without my family, and I want to spend it riding new routes to places I haven't been before. I aim to travel on gravel routes as much as possible and stay close to nature. I will bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and a small gas stove to make me fully self-sufficient. Yes, it will be a challenge for me, as I'm not used to camping with a tent. But no cheating (e.g., using hotels) this time. I'd rather ride shorter distances and have excellent days on and off the bike than feel obliged to complete a certain distance every day.

Rain and bad weather are my biggest concerns. I need to make sure I bring a small, lightweight tent that can withstand heavy rain. How can I stay dry (at least when off the bike) if I have multiple wet days?

I also want to try cycling through the night, which is something I haven't done before. I'm curious to see how my body reacts to it.

Should I go solo or bring a friend?

Do I go alone, or should I bring a friend? It might be more enjoyable and feel safer to have company. But what if we have different ideas, and my friend wants to push a faster pace than I do? Or what if he doesn't want to ride at night? How can I plan and coordinate with someone else to ensure we have the same goals and strategies in mind?


I've started a list of items to bring. Is there anything I haven't included, or something I should remove?

Route planning

I'm still in the planning phase and need a route home if I decide to ride longer than to Umeå. From Umeå, I can take the train home if necessary. I need to research locations where I can access transportation home if needed.

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