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Planning packing adventure from Stockholm to Umeå (Completed)

Updated: Apr 16

UPDATED 2024/04!

Please feel free to comment on this, any advice is a good advice!

This is the idea…

I have a two-week vacation without my family, and I want to spend it riding new routes to places I haven't been before. I aim to travel on gravel routes as much as possible and stay close to nature. I will bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and a small gas stove to make me fully self-sufficient. Yes, it will be a challenge for me, as I'm not used to camping with a tent. But no cheating (e.g., using hotels) this time. I'd rather ride shorter distances and have excellent days on and off the bike than feel obliged to complete a certain distance every day.

Rain and bad weather are my biggest concerns. I need to make sure I bring a small, lightweight tent that can withstand heavy rain. How can I stay dry (at least when off the bike) if I have multiple wet days?

I also want to try cycling through the night, which is something I haven't done before. I'm curious to see how my body reacts to it.

Going alone

I had a loose plan to bring a friend, but due to complications I will have to go alone. But hey, I’m looking forward to it! The best thing with going alone is that I can ride in my own pace, take the brakes that I want and throw up the tent wherever/whenever I want to. I hope it will be peace of mind all two weeks!


The Packing list is getting more completed, I have estimated some weight and will have to weight all things, but it looks like I’m going with about 13kg of packing.

Route planning

Okay, so the route is done. I have pinpointed all possible stops where I can get food, take a bath or set up the tent. When traveling by the coastline it’s never too far to all kind of stores. I was thinking about going more inland where its more forest and longer between towns, but my fitness is not where it should be due to challenges in the family the last 6 month So taking the easy road. If something would happen and I need to get home, then the trains go by the coast, so will be painless to just disassemble the bike and take it on the train.



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