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Sports and Adventure: My Journey to an Active Lifestyle

Having been born in Stockholm city, I was always a city boy. Engaging in outdoor activities and enjoying the fresh air was not my first choice. It took me 43 years to reach a point where I craved adventure, exercise, and, in recent years, the allure of nature's adventures.

It all began four years ago when I weighed 22kg more than I do now. In fact, things had gotten so bad that I couldn't lean forward and tie my shoes without becoming short of breath. That was the turning point!

I'm the kind of person who goes all in or nothing at all. When I embark on something, I give it my all, 110%. So, I came up with the idea of transforming my life and started running because I believed it would help me get in shape. I ran and ran, but nothing much happened except that I developed knee problems. Yes, I was a total beginner!

I began studying everything about exercise, health, and nutrition, and quickly managed to lose weight and eat better. I also switched my workout routine to include more strength training along with high-intensity interval training (HIT). Yes, maybe I went overboard for a year or two before it became more of a lifestyle. But hey, who hasn't been there? 😅

To engage in more activities with my kids, I acquired a simple gravel bike. However, I soon realized that the kids didn't particularly enjoy biking, so I started going on road rides by myself. The rides became longer and longer, but doing it alone felt a bit monotonous.

Therefore, I decided to join a cycling club and attended my first Sunday training session. There must have been 10-15 of the strongest riders, and they allowed me to join them. Boy, were they fast! Like a train. I had to drop off after just a few kilometers. I was disappointed that my condition was so poor that I couldn't keep up with them. However, it ignited a fire within me, motivating me to improve year after year. Now, in 2023, I am in better shape than ever and can ride with the "stronger" boys.

But my pursuits don't stop at cycling. I also enjoy trail running, particularly technical single-track trails with plenty of roots, stones, and challenging sections. Every trail presents an adventure in nature!

And lastly, the foundation for being a good cyclist and runner: the gym. Especially during the winter when it's freezing cold in Sweden, I focus on building my muscles. 💪

On this website, you can read about my current and upcoming adventures, as well as other developments on the journey ahead.


/Frederik Leksell

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