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New goal, multiple mountain marathons summer 2025

So i have just set my new goals for next year (2025). Really felt that i needed a long term goal that can motivate me during the winter when it’s cold and dark here in Sweden.

I love running and especially trail running, in the summer and in the winter. Also trail running is super fun to do at night with a head light in the pitch dark forest. 🤩

So the perfect goal is to train for marathon in the Swedish mountains. I haven’t decided yet what races I will attend, but both Sälen and Åre looks awesome. About 1500 alt meters along the 42km of trail running. I have no clue yet what the time cap is, and I need to investigate what race time i should aim for.

What I can see as an obstacle right now is that I have never run longer than 24km in one go, usually I run between 8-15km, so I need to slowly extend my runs. Also the altitude will be interesting. I run 750 alt meters two days in a row last time I was in Åre. But that was pretty much straight up in about 45 min. This will be much further going up up up slowly.

So just thinking out of the box regarding my training.

  • Extending my runs.

  • Lots of running uphill to get the strength and endurance

  • Running downhill to improve my technique to get faster and safer.

  • Gym sessions to improve my upper body strength, especially core. And legs 🦵

Well this is high level, so I need to make a more detailed workout plan. I also what to go biking 🚴‍♂️ this summer, so need to find a good mix.

Any recommendations, or what about your experience's, tell me 😃


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