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Trail and MTB in Åre

This took place last August when we were in Åre, Sweden for a work trip, and I decided to participate in a mountain trail run. Our guide was a remarkable woman who resided in Åre and happened to be the only female in Sweden who had conquered all the highest peaks in a single year. She was truly impressive!

As soon as we ventured beyond the village and ascended into the mountains, I became captivated. The experience of ascending on the trails, continuously climbing higher and higher, was absolutely enchanting. The incline grew steeper, and the presence of rocks intensified. Upon reaching the summit at an altitude of 700 meters, the view was breathtaking, and my self-confidence soared.

Descending was an even more magical experience. On the mountain's backside, intricate single-track trails presented themselves, featuring rapid strides and unwavering focus ahead. Leaning forward to increase speed, it was an exhilarating sensation. Regrettably, I failed to capture a photograph of that moment.

The following day, I engaged in mountain biking, which was also enjoyable, but nothing compared to the sheer greatness of running. To my surprise, a colleague approached me after our conference that same day and asked, "Hey, would you like to run up the mountain with me?" Can you guess what my response was? 😜



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